Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (2024)

Still at their spot just by the pit lane road, Candy, filing her nails, listened to Rudeboy rambling..

Rudeboy: "The truth indeed sets you.. free! Ahaha! Oww.. this strain not going away soon.."

Candy: "Ugh.. never let me hear you mention that again, alright? I still have hypertension, you know?"

Rudeboy: "Ya, ok. That much hasn't changed.."

Candy: "I'd ask for another story with Santana, but.. I hear incoming cars."

Cars came, and this time it's a blue pink pair of midships sports cars.

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (1)

She looked on, noticing the brothers exit these stopped cars.

Candy: "That's the Scotts.. am I looking presentable, Manh?"

The answer she got from said Manh however..

Rudeboy: "Now that's a mother f[BLEEP] couple!"

Candy: "They're brothers, Manh!"

Rudeboy: "Well you seem to know these two well."

Candy: "For financial reasons.. ugh, well, we really need to get you more recognized outside of Asia."

The two meet the other two, and the large built Texan broke the silence, eagerly starting..

Demetrius: "My.. umm.. second favorite on track piece de resistance! Y'know, if Nashie boy said this is another shareholder's vacation.. he'd be lying like a hog, cuz gal: I'm spending like a hog!"

Candy: "He's not the one handling the strings this time, Demetrius.."

Demetrius: "Oh yeah, he ain't."

Teddy: "Whatever it looks.. I quite like the fabulous air in this place."

Demetrius: "Trust me.. oil and plastics are polluting our hearts and souls, ain't that right, Ted?"

Teddy: "Polluting, that's what HE calls it? Such unfabulous statements.."

Calmly shifting to his more jovial personality, Teddy speaks..

Teddy: "Well, it's splendid to see you again Candy. This your new friend?"

Rudeboy: "Not quite new.. you call me Rudeboy. You figure out why in one moment."

Interested, he continued..

Teddy: "Rudeboy? Oh, fabulous. Tell you something: Rude isn't in your mannerisms, at least. Theodore. This one's my brother Demetrius. We're Texan, and we're damned rich men of business. That's all you need to know for now."

Demetrius: "How'd you do!"

Spoke up Demetrius with a hand to shake.

They shook, but Rudeboy couldn't hold back..

Rudeboy: "Forget my nag, but you both seem like legit mother f[BLEEP]ing couple material."

Teddy: "So that's where the rude comes in, eh? Kidding! Umm, brother Dimma might not be, but I never hide how I'm into men, if you know what I mean."

Rudeboy: "That.. I do. Sorry, chump: I'm married."

Teddy: "I wasn't interested, but I adore your sincerity."

Interested in this development, Candy then intruded and instead wondered..

Candy: "Well, I understand Teddy, but you're here too, Demetrius."

Demetrius: "Since I hear you had a wrangling at Fuji that time ago, I figure I want in the fun. I've been driving real fast AND dangerous Ferraris for over 15 years, y'know? Remember my Tributo?"

Teddy: "Maybe you can stop sponsoring and get into the thick of it, Dimma."

Demetrius: "Fat chance that's happening, Ted."

Brothers do fight, Rudeboy thought, and he commented with interest..

Rudeboy: "I see the trash talking's already begun."

The brothers then stop, as Demetrius then turn over..

Demetrius: "Yeah.. Candy, I want a favor: you put him next to me on the race."

Candy: "Peculiar.. consider it done."

Demetrius: "Thanks. Now let's go and p-to the-ractice!"

Demetrius walks out, with Teddy feeling mellowed about this whole moment..

Teddy: "Whatever."

He then follows, but as they watch, Rudeboy wonders..

Rudeboy: "So, what's they to you, Candy?"

Candy: "The Scott brothers.. big money from Texas that's interested in making money from motorsports indirectly. Also part of the Kirkham Foundation."

And he wonders more..

Rudeboy: "Why mention that last bit? No reason to point out they're with some mother f[BLEEP]ing big pharma."

Candy: "We'll get there."

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (2)

Some time passes, and the next bunch of cars come in with a mixed bag from a modern hot hatch, and its accompanying all American stock car.

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (3)

More confused on how to describe this, Rudeboy asks his other..

Rudeboy: "I've been wondering."

Candy: "What now?"

Rudeboy: "Your friends really are from all over the world. Nobody I know owns a late 60s stock car."

Candy: "You might relate to him more than you think, Manh."

As the men exit their cars, they close the distance on foot as Candy ticks their names off, before greeting with joy..

Candy: "Well, thanks for making it."

Graham: "You alright, love?"

Candy: "Oh.. I guess I'm fine. It's only you two?"

Carlyle: "You's expecting somebody else?"

Candy: "Yep. Miranda. She was in Tokyo last week."

Graham and Carlyle looked at each other briefly, as they question..

Graham: "Was she now? How was she?"

Candy: "Umm.. riled up. We had a race around the expressways last week. She had to retire.."

Carlyle: "Shucks. It explains why the red Abarth's outta commission."

Graham: "Still need to address the radio silence."

Carlyle: "Course. But it's not like I's keep her around in a day to day basis. Last time she did this.. ahhh.. she's fine."

Rudeboy, who was occupied earlier, came in, waving with a stiff greeting.

Candy: "Meet my friend Rudeboy.. Manh, that's Graham, and that one's Carlyle."

Graham: "Pleasure's mine. A friend of Candy's a friend of mine too, guv."

Carlyle: "Well, HOWDY there. You're that same Rudeboy that's gotten a spark into the engine game here in Japan, I's hear.. sounds to me we can do's us some business."

He saw Carlyle rubbing his palms, but all he could talk back with is with admiration and happy feels.

Rudeboy: "Cool! A man in the business, it seems. So, how did you mofos get to know the little one here?"

Carlyle: "She put a nice leg up my nether regions! Nice, swift, accurate enough for me to cry mama! Hehe.."

However, even though Graham knew what happened in Week 2, he found it disturbing after every mention..

Graham: "Blimey, can we not talk about.. Thanks for confirming the dread in me, Lyle.."

Carlyle: "Little Leo's got's his wakeup call that day, you know it!"

Graham instead took a page from Week 17, recalling as he thought..

Graham: "Me first venture with her's more professional, Rudeboy. You know.. escape drivers on heists.."

Candy followed with another question..

Candy: "You know, after getting our cut, they never followed up."

Graham: "Hell if I knew what's happened to those lot, love. Not even Lyle knows."

Lyle however finds himself agitated, hyping himself in his head due to that low blow, and declares..

Carlyle: "I request permission to pass, because we's going racing, and you know IT'S ON, CUTIE PIE."

Candy: "Alright! Alright. Get going, then."

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (4)

Still on their seats, Rudeboy leans ahead, browsing his phone as he waits.

Candy though was done on that and talked..

Candy: "You were quiet."

Rudeboy: "I'm evaluating bloated roster count here. Not good for my head, the reader's head, and the wife's job of keep tracking too."

Candy: "Why the wife? Umm.. well, it's going to get worse."

Rudeboy: "Ahhh.. mother f[BLEEP]ing A! Thanks for the warning then.. there's another car.. sure are a good gathering of inline 4 engines.."

Another car then came in the equation, in the form of a tuned Abarth 500, but despite seeing it once, Candy knows..

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (5)

Candy: "If I know any better, it's the head of the Kirkham Foundation himself."

Rudeboy: "You mean.. Nash? Nash Kirkham?!"

The car then came to a stop by an 86 parked nearby, and as the man exits with his theme song going strong like it should, Rudeboy's excitement motors start to rev.

Rudeboy: "Oh God it's the very mother f[BLEEP]ing one."

The sole man out of the car then walks, his coat swaying with the wind and gripping strong a special racing helmet, as he greets..

Nash: "Top of the day, Candy and.. company."

Candy: "Nash. Ready for another round of 'I told you so'?"

Nash: "If you thought I was trouble with the F1, you're going to be in for something else, verily so. You willing to talk about your friend? I see he.. seems mercenary like."

Candy: "Yeah, umm.. Rudeboy?"

He's nervous, but he hides it better than Candy could as he talks, standing with discipline..

Rudeboy: "That's me. Well.. I know you from television, but I'm, you can say a loyal customer."

Nash: "You are? In Japan.. well.. I can tell you don't seem Japanese."

Rudeboy: "Vietnamese, sir. I mean to talk about my mother."

Nash then thinks..

Nash: "Vietnamese woman.. I'm not in to talk about disclosing patient information, but I'll keep that in mind. Now, I must introduce my cohort."

He's evidently alone, she thought, as she proceeds with asking..

Candy: "Who? Alan? Max?"

Nash: "Well, mister Boy? You're familiar with the show.. verily you can help me with this one."

Rudeboy: "Hmm.. in what?"

Nash: "Summoning our.. tamed racing animal.. Some say he's made love to every animal extinct."

Rudeboy: "Umm.. and some say he's been looking for sharks to jump on beaches."

Nash might've paused, not expecting such a claim, but liked it after a quick thought, as he finishes up..

Nash: "(That's a fine one) All we know is.. he's known as The Guts. You mind.."

Giving the helmet to Candy, she takes it..

Candy: "Umm, sure.."

..then she receives a pat on her shoulder, turns to see hands wanting to grab.

Candy: "Here you go.. whoa!"

Instinctively she gives, but who receives is Sim Gear's mystery racing driver of legend..

Standing further away, they see The Guts wearing his signature helmet, then crossing his arms..

Rudeboy: "Just like magic! Wow! F[BLEEP]ing A, that felt spectacular."

He exclaims as he makes an applause to the scenes passed.

Turning to Candy, he asks..

Rudeboy: "This is the real deal, correct? Not stunt double man. It's The Guts.. your biggest on track rival, Candy."

Nash: "Give it to him."

Candy: "I know."

Handing the animal a mobile phone she took out her handbag, Rudeboy wonders..

Rudeboy: "You're giving him your phone?"

Nash: "Aside for unnatural appearances, he's got a penchant for.. taking your favorite portable device. Without permission, might I add."

Candy: "After the first time, I've opted for a more safe alternative."

The racing animal then started delving into the emptied device, as everyone watched.

Rudeboy: "When they say he's a mystery, you're god darned right."

Nash: "Trust me, you don't want to delve deep this iceberg."

Candy: "If he's here, shouldn't Williem be about?"

He knows about Williem's role, but considering the circ*mstances, he thought of an answer..

Nash: "I'll let you know if he's coming after the race. I guess we better see who else is around."

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (6)

Left alone again, Candy sits reading her paperback slowly getting more and more filled with ticks.

Candy: "Hmm hmm.. there's only a couple more groups coming over."

Rudeboy: "I see.. names. Speaking of Nash.. I see Maximus Davies. The other Sim Gear host.."

And without warning, cars come pouring in.

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (7)

Seeing one of the two MINIs she drove back from Week 34, Candy knew Clark is here, and deduces who everyone else around is.

Candy: "And he's brought company.."

The man stepped out, followed by the rest of The Big 3.

He's not changed from when she met him in Croatia, but this time: she was much calmer than her first encounter..

The gruff voiced Messiah then noticed, commenting as he says hello..

Clark: "Morning. Her heart rate's at.. a good steady rate, Giles. I told you she's fine, but you t[BLEEP]s think otherwise, well look at her f[BLEEP]ing now."

Giles: "Oh, all right. Duly noted, you blighter."

Peigi: "Kee.. I didn't even say anything. OH WELL!"

No idea these three gather as heads of the UK's biggest street racing crews, he wonders..

Rudeboy: "We got us a threesome now."

Candy: "Umm, yes.. Max, Giles and Peigi. I suppose I'll let them explain who they are."

Giles: "I'll show you a proper explanation. Giles Crowden. Here's my card."

The museum curator hands Rudeboy a business card, and he reads after receiving..

Giles: "I curate classic cars in my happy little place in Kent. Expansion plans went to the gutter after a robbery in France, but.. I'm thinking Japan might be a better place for that."

Rudeboy: "There's tonnes of that around, though. I wish you the best of luck."

Candy: "And.."

Peigi: "You know what. Let's skip to the chase. I know who this guy is."

The bomb addicted man however didn't think similarly as he recoiled back..

Rudeboy: "Ehh?"

Peigi: "He's the Dragon of Da Nang! Keekee! I've been looking forwards to this! Like a bit of show and tell from Peigi-chan?"

While she seems nice, Clark and Giles both stepped back a little, knowing what's to come.

Clark: "This'll be something."

Giles: "Got popcorn, Max? I hear they've been rehearsing."

And then, she makes her move..

Peigi: "Everyone calls me Peggy: wunderkind of the Hammersmith nightlife.. heehee.. but more importantly: it's time for some revenge. Here."

Without warning, Candy receives a small keychain of a fairy tale princess..

Candy: "Now wha-"

She observes it for a quick moment, deducing nothing illicit's to happen..

Candy: "Cute.. I'm still puzzled why revenge has to come in the form of this cute keychain.."

The Cinderella: "EAT TAZE, BITCHES!"

..until it did, as The Cinderella not only appeared from a nearby garage, but shooting one of this strange duo's form of electrical weaponry.

The taser hit its mark, and Peigi watched the short statured racer take its surge of energy around her body in pain.

As Rudeboy cushions her fall with his body, the hafu DJ cheerily remarks..

Peigi: "KEEKEEE! Peggy and Cindy double team mission success!"

Clark: "Thanks for catching her in time, mister Rudeboy. You can call me.. SimGear's Max, by the way. Presume you met my brother Nash?"

Rudeboy: "I have.."

A moment later, Candy gets back control, but isn't so infuriated, instead calmly shrugging it off..

Candy: "Ggggg... I hate tasers.. I hate it when they reminded me of the pain, and how much they love it.. thanks, by the way."

Rudeboy: "No f[BLEEP]ing worries."

And back on her feet..

Candy: "I-I knew something like this is bound to come, but.. to.. do so today.."

Giles: "Getting to know Peggy is a mistake in many levels, this I hope you will learn, darling."

Peigi: "Mistake?! PSSSHHH, my arse, it's the best thing since.. since I had Cindy to be my buddy in tasting experimental ramen!"

Not wanting to stay, Clark then led them like he knew how..

Clark: "Well, it seems a crowd gather around.. I suggest we go on. It was nice getting to know your friend, Candy.."

Giles: "Ta ta for now."

Peigi: "Ta ta? You mean tit-ties! KEEKEEGUKEEKEEKEEEEHH!!"

Still unknown to Rudeboy as The Big 3, they leave without a word.. while leaving behind their most important asset..

The Cinderella: "Ahh, am sorry for that ruckus, Candy.. she's done handed me a tenner for it all, and.."

Playing around a 10 pound note, Candy mentions, with a slight hint of disappointment..

Candy: "Money is the root of all evil, Cindy.. though.. I don't care, so as long as I have people catching my falls.."

The fairytale princess however turned towards the mercenary, waving her ginger locks around playfully..

The Cinderella: "You're her new boy toy? I'm, umm.. well, they all call me The Cinderella. Trust me, bruvver: it's a long story."

Rudeboy: "What's her gimmick?"

Candy: "She lost her memory, and looks like it's not coming back soon."

Rudeboy: "I feel we should help, like good pals do!"

Candy: "We're not in her story. Not yet as far as I'm concerned."

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (2024)


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